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Keith Co Historical Society

Keith Co Historical Society

For more information on becoming involved with the Keith County Historical Society, contact Sue Schilz at 308-289-2583, or message the society through its Facebook Page at


Keith County is rich with history dating back to the 1850's with the Oregon and Mormon Trails. After these trails opened, settlers began traveling west in an effort to expand the United States Territory. There were many who settled in the region of what is now Keith County. 

What does it mean to be a member of the Keith County Historical Society? It means that you are dedicated monetarily to preserving the historical buildings, objects, photographs, manuscripts, and other data resources that pertain to the pre-history and history of Keith County. This is the mission of the KCHS. The Society has many historical buildings in our care. Utility costs are high for the months that it is open. Please consider becoming a member this year. The Historical Society's fiscal year is from October 1st through September 30th. Members are not required to attend monthly meetings nor be active in events and fundraisers, unless they desire to do so. 

Update on the future Keith County Museum: The Keith County Historical Society purchased the former House of Bottles in 2016. The society has cleaned out the building and is currently using it for storage and overflow of historical items that have been donated to the future Keith County History Museum. The Historical Society has been in contact with the UNL Architecture School, whose professor is originally from Ogallala, Mr. Bob Lezotte. In the upcoming school year, the society will have the opportunity to work with UNL to have mock-ups of museum layouts for the new museum property. This is a very exciting opportunity for the KCHS and Ogallala! 


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