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Mission & History

The Chamber

Keith County Chamber

The Keith County Chamber of Commerce is about people...people who realize that the Chamber is the business community at work. It serves as the central agency for development of business, industry, the professions, and civic interests in Keith County—performing tasks that no individual can do alone. The Chamber promotes an environment that can maximize your business potential and profitability.

The Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization, supported by voluntary member investors—businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout Keith County. The Chamber works with businesses and professionals to work together for the betterment of Keith County as a place to live, work, play and grow.

The Ogallala Keith County Chamber of Commerce is a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(6) Nebraska Corporation, founded in 1937. The Chamber is governed by an eleven member board of directors, who are elected from the general membership. Board member terms are for three years.


The Keith County Chamber of Commerce is the influential voice of a thriving, cooperative and sustainable business community; and is recognized as a leader in visitor services in our region and throughout the state of Nebraska.


Enhance Economic Development by providing a robust business climate.

Promote Positive Opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Connect Existing Industries within Keith County to inspire collaboration amongst our members. 

Provide Leadership by advocating for businesses.

Core Values


We seek to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence to provide for our members.


We adhere to the highest ethical standard, demonstration and honest and trustworthiness in action and intent.


We will make financial decisions to ensure accountability and stability for our members.


We respect the value and differences of people, community and business; and we represent all business sectors.


We collaborate to accomplish goals within Keith County where we live, work and play by participating, volunteering and promoting our community.

Visionary, Chairman, and Partner Members

  • Keith County
  • City of Ogallala
  • ABT