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Lake McConaughy


Lake McConaughy

Nearly everything about Lake McConaughy is big! Its 30,500 surface acres makes it Nebraska’s largest reservoir with over 100 miles of shore line. At full storage, the lake is 22 miles long, four miles wide, and 142 feet deep at the dam. The dam is among the largest of its type in the word, and the fish grow to trophy proportions, accounting for several state records. Even its nickname, “Big Mac” reflects its giant stature. The lake is a mecca for sailboard and board sailing enthusiasts, as well as fishermen and campers. Concessionaires around the lake offer restaurants, lodging, board rentals, convenience/grocery stores, horseback riding, guide services, jet ski rentals, scuba diving, parasailing, and RV campgrounds.


Be sure to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Check this article out for information on the new reservation system! 



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